Thursday, August 26, 2010


So this week has been lots of fun for the boys and myself.
Saturday we had a party for Grant with the Kalmans to celebrate his 4th birthday. No- that was not a typo. He really is four already! He will be going to preschool this fall at Hudsonville Christian and he is ecstatic. I am mostly ecstatic.. sad that he is growing so fast but excited to see this new chapter start for him. And i am excited to have some one-on-one time with Tanner.
Something I never considered when having our second child was missing out on the one on one time with the newborn. Grant was a champ when Tanner arrived and was a joy to have around- but I was unable to focus 100% on TJ so I am excited to have this time together.

Anyway.. continuing our week
Sunday the whole fam went to Holland to play at the beach for a bit after going to Mars. It was great. We ate lunch on the beach, played in the water and walked the pier. Both boys took great naps that afternoon :)
Monday my sister and her family were in GR so we went with them to their grammas house to swim. Again.. the boys LOVE being in the water and playing with their cousins so we enjoyed that day.
Tuesday we hit the zoo with all 11 VandenHoek grandchildren. I think every kid loved it :) they had so much fun checking out all of God's cool creatures while laughing and playing with eachother. After that we went to Doug and Kates to swim in their pool.. have I mentioned that my kids are complete water rats?? :)
Wednesday night our fam hit the Hudsonville Fair and Grant got to ride his FIRST fair ride and they both expierenced an elephant ear. YES! now they are truly living!

Here are a few pics of our fun week!
And can't forget to say THANK YOU to God for the beautiful creation we could enjoy with this great weather! And for wonderful family.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Party Pic


So last Friday was quite a busy day.
At 10:20am, Tanner, Grant and myself went to Grant's second pediatric dental appointment. He -once again- did great and was completely unphased by having to go into the back without mommy. Tanner and I stayed in the fun waiting room where he was highly entertained by the safari murals on the wall. He was hissing at the snake and growling at the stuffed tiger. Then Grant came out CAVITY FREE and we headed to the mall to look for a few birthday presents.
We quickly ran home, scarfed down some lunch and Grant went garage sale-ing with his buddies Caden and Jackson (and their mom.. of course).
Tanner and I then went to T's 15 months (although a little late... he will be 16 months this week) well child check up. Here are his stats:
22 lbs 3 oz (15th percentile)
33 inches (30 percentile)
He eats all table foods .. but doesn't eat a ton of anything.
He still loves his bottle (shh don't tell the doctor) and gets whole milk three times a day. He also still takes two naps but I try to keep his morning nap under an hour.
Tanner is a smart little guy. He loves to copy his brother (especially when yelling/loud voices are involed).
He can say these words (some of which his has picked up on just this week!!)
-book (although sounds like booooo)
-uh oh (which is your favorite and you say CONSTANTLY!!)

He can sign
-all done (it's kind of precious- whenever our family says amen he signs "all done" - which really makes sense if ya think about it :))

He loves to wave and give kisses and still cries if you say "no" in too forceful of a voice. He also loves to imitate animals sounds and can do kitty meows, doggy woof-woofs and bear/tiger rarrrrs.
Sometimes I think he is trying to say brother and tanner but those usually come out as dadddaa
He has TWELVE teeth and when he smiles big he shows them all off and he looks so old .. :*( tear! My little babers is so grown up!

After that busy day we had a birthday party for Abby (who turned SIX on Saturday!) and for the twins who turned one in April.
Then on Sunday we had a party for Aubrey who turned 3 this week and for Gramma Kalman (who would probably appreciate that I do NOT put her age on here)

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Monday, May 17, 2010

here it is...

Hello friends.
I am ofiicially starting a blog for our family! Woot! I've been wanting to for some time now but we do not have the internet at home (and still don't....) however I happen to know a pretty cool Grammy and Pop-Pop who are always willing to let me (more like- the grandchildren) crash at their home for a while and steal their fast connection to the world wide web. I am hoping to update it every week or so and add some entertaining pictures of our always moving, ever exciting family.
God is so good!
Signing off for today..