Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kalman Family Rules

Sometimes things get a little out of control at our house.  I know- hard to believe- right?

Well... with two VERY active boys and two VERY mobile babies, sometimes things seem like a whirlwind of growing and learning and testing and failing and laughing and crying.  Which is all good and a part of life. But lately I've been feeling like our family could use a little more direction.  So after some prayers, researching and tailbone soreness (from sitting on my buns!!) I've come up with a very tangible way to keep track of how we should act in our family (inside and outside the home) and what that looks like as a contributor to the family.  I think I've even figured out how to work an allowance in there -  score! - with the potential for teaching about saving, spending and giving money - double score!! (adding another craft project to my ever growing list- thank you very much self!)

I love the wording.. "contributing to the family", as opposed to chores.  Sure.. they are chores. But beyond that- they are a way to feel a sense of belonging in our family as someone who contributes to its running smoothly.  A chore is defined as a small, odd task or daily routine.  Sure I want this to be part of their daily routine.  Sure sometimes it might seem odd.  But really I want my boys to learn what it means to stick with and accomplish these simple 'chores'.  Like....
- the rewards of hard work
- following through with directions
- that it doesn't matter how small or young you are.. you can help in a big way
- God wants us to be responsible with the big things and the little things
and so on!

The plan is to laminate these sheets and hang them in the kitchen. Then they can mark each day with a dry erase marker and clear it off for the next week.  I found the dry erase idea from a blog on Pinterest (where else??).  I think this is a great way to get the boys really involved... and mommy and daddy for that matter (help with the reading and follow through!).
I would totally recommend reading Erin's advice about how to make it age appropriate. I'd also recommend the entire post because it's brilliant.  And she even gave me the foresight to keep one circle blank in case we think of something to add that day. 

The best part ... it's a learning process. Just like life.  We are on a journey where some things work out great and some things totally crash and burn.  But God wants us to continue moving forward, and learning and growing.  And that happens to be something the Kalman family is quite good at.