Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its what we do

Our house is FILLED with boy's toys.  We have hundreds.. maybe thousands.  The current family favorite is our collection of Trio Blocks.  Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Trio Blocks - allow me to introduce you:  Trio Blocks made by Fisher Price.  The perfect combination of Mega Blocks and Legos.

I love these blocks for a few reasons:

1- They are bigger than Legos so we aren't forever losing pieces (in the carpet, in the vacuum cleaner, around the house, etc)
2- They are easier to put together than Legos so BOTH my boys can make things.  Grant can actually follow the directions or has a great imagination to create things of his own (aliens, dinosaurs, guns, binoculars, bow and arrow, ETC ETC).
3- Because they can be made into just about anything (let's be honest though here- Grant can turn just about anything into a shooter (aka- gun)) they provide HOURS of entertainment.
4- They make a variety of sets so if your child is going through a BATMAN stage or really loves ANIMALS or thinks WARRIORS are cool or wants to be a FIREFIGHTER when he grows up- you are SET (not that I can relate to any of these ....)

Because the boys have been so into these lately- they have been SCATTERED around the house. Upstairs, downstairs, bedrooms, kitchen (grrrr)- everywhere. So I had this great idea to send the boys on a hunt to track down as many misplaced blocks as possible and then I would use as many as possible to create the biggest tower possible.

End results:

The worst part is that I STILL didn't even use all of them! I had quite a few leftover random pieces. I probably could have tried a little harder to fit the rest in but as you can see it was already taller than Tanner and quite frankly I was done. You know how it is.
His favorite new way to smile.

Now that's better.


If you have boys (or girls- I don't discriminate!) I would definitely recommend Trio Blocks.  Yes, you will more than likely have pieces scattered around the house but they are a great toy to promote and excerise imaginations and are a toy mommies can appreciate.

Gotta throw in a couple of my boys!
Pajama time!

I promise they aren't identical :)