Wednesday, September 28, 2011

they really are that cute...

Just because I love these little guys to pieces and wanted to share their happy faces with you.
Feel privileged :)

HA!  They crack me up and make me smile like a fool.

Landon on the left, Lucas on the right in all of these.

girls just wanna have fun

I have four sons. Zero daughters.  This is an obvious, known fact.  Sometimes I feel a little bummed about this fact but I for SURE wouldn't trade my little stud muffins for anything - it's true.

A less known fact, I have 6 nieces;  four on my side and two on Robb's.  So I decided to start a fun new tradition with my nieces.  GIRL'S WEEKEND!!

While Robb, Grant and Tanner were gone on their annual men's trip -Y Weekend- I had my four nieces on the Vanden Hoek side over for some fun.  We went to the craft store, ate pizza and popcorn, watched an age appropriate chick flick (Tangled :) so cute!), made a fun craft and played all kinds of classic girly things (house, babysitters, coloring and drawing, ETC).
I had the twins, as they haven't quite reached the appropriate age to attend Y Weekend, but the girls loved having a chance to play with them and help me out.. sweet little mommies they are. 

We had a great time.. only a few little tiffs amongst cousins.  We hope to continue this tradtion in years to come and I look forward to building fun, girly, memories with these ladies!


Helping Auntie Mel out

Beautiful ladies!

Finished product!

We made the biggest sleeping bag in the middle of the living room floor and slept here.
 EVEN AUNTIE MEL DID! Ok.. truth is I coped out half way through the night
 and climbed on the couch.. sigh.. getting old.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stop And Smell the Roses

-or in my case-just look out the window.

Last night I was sitting at the dining room table working on my ginormous grocery list (I don't make it to the grocery store QUITE as often as I used to... having 4 kids in tow makes me think twice about taking as many outings as I once did so when I do make it- I must make it COUNT).
I was in a bit of a grey mood- having a mild case of mastitis, being a little grumpy about how my day went and how little I accomplished and thinking about everything I needed to get done before our busy weekends.

Then I looked out the window. I mean really looked.  The sky was GORGEOUS.  The scenery that I get to look at EVERY DAY was gorgeous.  There was even a glimpse of a rainbow peaking through even though we had not gotten any rain. 

My point-and-shoot camera does not do this scene of gold any justice.
Regardless- I needed to share:
~the aha moment of focusing on God's faithfulness
~the simple, pure beauty of His earth
~how BLESSED we are to live on a land that produces so that we can live- and thrive

Notice the rainbow 'coming out' the top of the white house.

If I were five years old...

I would want a nerf football for my birthday.

Not just ANY nerf football. No sir. It MUST BE a


No imitations will do.

And of course- Target, Meijer and Walmart do not carry such football.

So Grant learned the power of online shopping for his 5th birthday.  After he "deposited" his money into mommy's hand, and we read all the specifications on this football to make sure it was the EXACT one, he chose the orange color and we ordered it. Which in five year old terms means nothing. Why can't we just go to the store and buy it Mom?

Patience Grant. Patience.

And it paid off.

Four days later he was the PROUD new owner of the NERF VORTEX MEGA HOWLER.

And it was worth the wait.

Oh to be FIVE!

What could be better for a five year old boy's birthday party than lots of food, lots of friends, lots of presents and a PINATA!?!

Grant, Kelly, Sofi, Abby and Tanner

For Grant Alexander- Nothing!

I think these pictures pretty much speak for themselves. We had a great time, the weather was great (although a bit windy) and we are so thankful for everyone that came to celebrate with us.

Hernandez Fam

Kalman Fam

From Daddy and Mommy: a REAL bat, batting tee and REAL leather glove.  That's right- he's big time now.

After every kid (who wanted one) had a turn - we let Grant finish off the pinata without the blindfold. 

And of course- our goofball T-man (who really enjoyed his chocolate Costco cake- obviously!)