Thursday, August 26, 2010


So this week has been lots of fun for the boys and myself.
Saturday we had a party for Grant with the Kalmans to celebrate his 4th birthday. No- that was not a typo. He really is four already! He will be going to preschool this fall at Hudsonville Christian and he is ecstatic. I am mostly ecstatic.. sad that he is growing so fast but excited to see this new chapter start for him. And i am excited to have some one-on-one time with Tanner.
Something I never considered when having our second child was missing out on the one on one time with the newborn. Grant was a champ when Tanner arrived and was a joy to have around- but I was unable to focus 100% on TJ so I am excited to have this time together.

Anyway.. continuing our week
Sunday the whole fam went to Holland to play at the beach for a bit after going to Mars. It was great. We ate lunch on the beach, played in the water and walked the pier. Both boys took great naps that afternoon :)
Monday my sister and her family were in GR so we went with them to their grammas house to swim. Again.. the boys LOVE being in the water and playing with their cousins so we enjoyed that day.
Tuesday we hit the zoo with all 11 VandenHoek grandchildren. I think every kid loved it :) they had so much fun checking out all of God's cool creatures while laughing and playing with eachother. After that we went to Doug and Kates to swim in their pool.. have I mentioned that my kids are complete water rats?? :)
Wednesday night our fam hit the Hudsonville Fair and Grant got to ride his FIRST fair ride and they both expierenced an elephant ear. YES! now they are truly living!

Here are a few pics of our fun week!
And can't forget to say THANK YOU to God for the beautiful creation we could enjoy with this great weather! And for wonderful family.

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