Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can you keep up??

I'll be honest- sometimes I can't keep up.
These guys are (all) growing up too fast and I just want everything to slow down. Some days are great, some days can't end fast enough but we are all in love with our journey.

Here's what we've been up to!

Playing with toys and smiling every time mommy walks by. Love these guys.  Yup.. Landon has Urkel pants happening.  Blame it on the cloth diapers. But don't they look SO grown up in their blue jeans? Don't answer that.
Celebrated Tanner's birthday (again) with the Kalman family.

Met beautiful Aubrey Lynn.  Oh and this is what happens when my five year old takes a picture- showcases my cute boots beautifully and cuts off my large forehead! Way to go bud.

Field Trip!  Grant's Pre-K class went to the children's museum and Daddy got to go along!
:) good times.

Yo! Just chillin' at my pad with my bro.

Went through a NASTY bout of yeast. 

And last but not least: Landon is attempting REAL crawling!
(apparently I'm computer illiterate as well.. how do I rotate this???)

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