Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tanner Jaycob Kalman

Had Tanner's two year check up today. Thankfully he didn't need any shots but the doc said he had some fluid build up in his right year so we got an antibiotic for that (The ironic thing is that I was in there last week because I suspected an ear infection and that doctor (not our regular one) told me his ears were "pristine". Hmm go figure).
He is 15th percentile for weight and 50th for height. She said he looks great and is growing well.. he doesn't need to go in until he's three. Three! Ahh! I dont like to think about that! Where did my little snuggly baby go...
Height: 34 1/4 inches
Weight: 25.6 pounds

Can't find Grant's stats from that age so I can't compare but I know at 18 months Grant was close to 25 lbs aready. Tanner has always been a little small but grows at a pretty regular pace. No worries.. just my "little" T-man!

Out of the clear blue a few days ago Tanner started counting. I watched him in amazement and he just kept right on going- all the way to ELEVEN! I was quite impressed and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. He doesn't say his 'v's that well so SEVEN sounds like seben and and eleven is LEBEN. We are working on his ABCs. He knows the tune of the ABC Song and will start saying a few but then just makes the rest up. He is a complete chatter box. Although when someone he doesn't know wants him to chat he gets all shy and snuggles up to mommy. I'm pretty much fine with that :) He is quite vocal about his feelings- unfortunately that extensive vocabulary somehow disappears when dealing with his big brother and usually just screams come out. We are working on this *daily*. I know becoming the middle child will be an adjustment for Tanner but I also believe that he will be an excellent big brother and I'm excited to see him transition into his new role. We have so much fun talking about Baby Nana coming I wonder how much of it he really understands. Grant on the other hand - understands completely and is ecstatic for Baby Nana's arrival. Hard concept that even though my belly is *huge* already- its still going to be 4+ months before he/she gets here.
Ultrasound in a few weeks.. that will add an interesting twist to things now won't it?? :)

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