Monday, April 25, 2011

Preparing for TWINS.. that's right I said twins!

In March we got a little surprise. At my 20 week ultrasound the tech informed us that there are TWO babies growing inside me.. and that they are both BOYS.
My first response was to laugh. Twins? Noone in our family has twins! I barely know anyone who has twins! Two babies at once- really?? AND now we're going to have FOUR boys?? FOUR BOYS!?
What are the odds.. you would think that somewhere in the mix we could have worked in a girl :) But nope.. God has something completely different planned for our family than I ever did (which is reassuring and frightening all at the same time!).

So beyond the mental preparation (which I'm not sure I will ever completely have a handle on.. perhaps when they are 18), we are now working on the physical preparations like:
Double outfits -
I still have pretty much all of Grant and Tanner's baby clothes but only used them for one at a time :) And both boys were born at 39-40 weesk so I hardly needed any newborn sizes. Now I'm on a NB jammies/onesies hunt at every garage sale.
Double Carseats-
Thankfully we found two on Craigs List that came with 3 bases. We weren't exactly planning on getting two more because we do still have our old one but since this person had twins she had a matching set (which I liked).
Double Stroller-
This is kinda funny... we found one on Craigslist in Jenison and bought it. Problem was that they had it outside so we couldnt' tell how smelly it was (imagine smoker smell covered up by gramma perfume- bad bad combo). Well my mom and I did a garage sale and I thought.. why not just try to sell it? See what happens. Well we did sell it.. for $5 more than we bought it for! My friend's sister also had one she was willing to sell so I currently have that one in my garage. Problem is that its completely opposite colors as my car seats (which I know SHOULDN'T be a big deal.. but it kind of is to me) so we are still deciding if we want to keep that one. We watch Craigs List a lot for deals.
Double Boppy and new Nursing Pillow-
Found another boppy at a garage sale and bought a Twin Nursing Pillow used. I'm considering making matching boppy covers myself.. just have to decide on a fabric I love (easier said than done! so many options out there).
Double Cribs-
Well the nursery is pretty much ready to go except we need a second crib. We have the extra bedding set that matches the one we bought for Grant (which I'm super excited about having!!) but we're just waiting to find a deal on a crib or borrow one.
Double Diapers-
Well we thought it might be a wise time to invest in cloth (shoulda done it years ago!). I found a great deal on some barely barely used Bum Genius covers and inserts. We started using them on Tanner to get the hang of them. Plus- I'm banking on the babies be smaller than 8 lbs to start which is what these are rated for - so we are planning to use disposables until they can fit into the BGs. And my super duper handy man hubby installed a sprayer for me which works TONS better than trying to scrap the poppy out with toilet paper.

This really is just a start. We put Grant and Tanner together in Grant's room with a bunkbed. Its only been a week and things are going GREAT there yet but hopefully we will have enough time before the twins arrival for them to get accustomed to it and SETTLED down!
Here are a few pictures to illustrate our life changes :)

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