Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

One of the ways we made our road trip doable was adding a zoo stop!

Saturday morning we hit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  It was bigger than we anticipated and not exactly set up in the most practical manner but we had fun and saw some great creatures!  Ben and Laura's family joined us as well which thrilled my boys.  Proud to say Lucas and Landon slept the ENTIRE time and never even encountered a single animal :)

Of course we couldn't get one of the whole group looking. And Pop-pop is taking the picture so he's not in it either.

People are looking to their left because there was a radio station there putting on this big show. Obviously they did a good job getting people's attention!!

One of our favorite exhibits was the butterfly garden. Basically a mini Frederick Meijer Gardens!  Grant, Gina, Grammie, Auntie Laura and myself actually walked through it twice.  No butterflies landed on us (bummer!) but we got to see tons of them fluttering about.

Here are a few pictures of the animals we don't have at JohnBall that we really enjoyed.

Grant loves maps and had to keep a few from our trip.  After we were home he was looking over it and said
"Mom- we really missed a lot of things at this zoo!"
Sadly its true and I'm not sure when/if we'll make it back. Maybe another trip to John Ball is in our future to make up for it!

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  1. And I thought two kids at the zoo was hard...and you are blogging about it...simply amazing:)