Wednesday, September 28, 2011

girls just wanna have fun

I have four sons. Zero daughters.  This is an obvious, known fact.  Sometimes I feel a little bummed about this fact but I for SURE wouldn't trade my little stud muffins for anything - it's true.

A less known fact, I have 6 nieces;  four on my side and two on Robb's.  So I decided to start a fun new tradition with my nieces.  GIRL'S WEEKEND!!

While Robb, Grant and Tanner were gone on their annual men's trip -Y Weekend- I had my four nieces on the Vanden Hoek side over for some fun.  We went to the craft store, ate pizza and popcorn, watched an age appropriate chick flick (Tangled :) so cute!), made a fun craft and played all kinds of classic girly things (house, babysitters, coloring and drawing, ETC).
I had the twins, as they haven't quite reached the appropriate age to attend Y Weekend, but the girls loved having a chance to play with them and help me out.. sweet little mommies they are. 

We had a great time.. only a few little tiffs amongst cousins.  We hope to continue this tradtion in years to come and I look forward to building fun, girly, memories with these ladies!


Helping Auntie Mel out

Beautiful ladies!

Finished product!

We made the biggest sleeping bag in the middle of the living room floor and slept here.
 EVEN AUNTIE MEL DID! Ok.. truth is I coped out half way through the night
 and climbed on the couch.. sigh.. getting old.

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