Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stop And Smell the Roses

-or in my case-just look out the window.

Last night I was sitting at the dining room table working on my ginormous grocery list (I don't make it to the grocery store QUITE as often as I used to... having 4 kids in tow makes me think twice about taking as many outings as I once did so when I do make it- I must make it COUNT).
I was in a bit of a grey mood- having a mild case of mastitis, being a little grumpy about how my day went and how little I accomplished and thinking about everything I needed to get done before our busy weekends.

Then I looked out the window. I mean really looked.  The sky was GORGEOUS.  The scenery that I get to look at EVERY DAY was gorgeous.  There was even a glimpse of a rainbow peaking through even though we had not gotten any rain. 

My point-and-shoot camera does not do this scene of gold any justice.
Regardless- I needed to share:
~the aha moment of focusing on God's faithfulness
~the simple, pure beauty of His earth
~how BLESSED we are to live on a land that produces so that we can live- and thrive

Notice the rainbow 'coming out' the top of the white house.

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