Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween = Candy for Mommy!

Our halloween traditions and adventures 2011!

 Friday night: Gutted our pumpkins. My boys are all boy and don't mind love getting dirty. They dug right in. Daddy carved Tanner's into a Buzz Lightyear and Mommy carved Grant's into Mike Lesowski (sp?) from Monsters, Inc.

Saturday: Tried painting pumpkins for the first time.  They, of course, loved it.  I think there was maybe one square inch of orange left on T's pumpkin. The rest was covered in his masterpiece.

Sunday night: we went Trunk-or-Treating at Chapel Pointe.
I am a BIG fan of trunk-or-treating.  Its so much easier with little kids than walking door to door.  They also had tractor rides and cider and donuts.  Perfect!  Gramma Kalman was able to come with us and I think she had fun, too.

The twins came too, of course! Gramma had fun pushing them around (and all the attention that comes with twins).

Saw our friends Lily and Wyatt there!

T's face in this one cracks me up.

I let Grant pick out his costume this year.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle- Raphael.
Oh that boy and his ninja obsession! 

The twins' costumes are from SEVEN years ago.  My first niece was born in May and the second followed closely in July. These outfits were bought for those girls and we have some adorable pictures of them.  Worked out perfectly to have matching costumes in the *almost* right size.  I call them jailbird pumpkins :)

Love that Landon is looking at Tanner's costume.

Monday afternoon: Grammy came over for a bit to watch the twins and Hailey (a friend's baby I watch on Mondays).  Tanner and I visited Grant's school as they had their "fall party" and they got to dress up. Tanner was able to play on the playground with the big kids and he thought he was big stuff!
Raphael and the Mummy showing their bar skills

Monday night: we went to Grammy and Pop-Pop's for supper and pictures.  They kept the twins and I drove Daddy and the boys to Summerset to hit a couple streets. 

Notice the nice pile of spit up on the stem/leaf thing. Nice dude... nice.

The end!! Hope we made some good memories for the boys and that one day they'll appreciate all we do for them :)

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