Monday, December 5, 2011

Double Trouble - 4 months

Four month stats for my favorite almost five month olds (crazy how you think you're on top of things and realize you're actually almost a month behind).

:: Lucas David ::

14 pounds 2 ounces
25 1/4 inches long
sleeps on tummy
loves rolling from front to back. especially in the middle of the night.  and then screams because he can't roll back. so mommy or daddy come in and roll him back over.  repeat process.
smiles a lot, and I mean a LOT.
loves his big brothers, especially when they are nice.
just started sucking his thumb. I know I will some day regret this but right now I think its so darn cute!
recognizes mommy's voice and searches the room to find her.
loves to make eye contact with anyone - good flirting skills with the grammas of the world.
drools a lot, and I mean a LOT.
tried rice cereal a few times.. probably 1/16 of it makes it down the hatch. the rest, back onto his face, the spoon or the bib.
hasn't figured out back to front rolling yet.  has started kicking his legs so it won't be long.

:: Landon Jonathan ::
13 pounds 2 ounces
24 1/2 inches
sleeps on tummy.
smiles a lot, and I mean a LOT.
loves his big brothers, especially when they are nice.
likes to stick his whole hand in his mouth but hasn't favored any certain fingers.
recognizes mommy's voice and searches the room for her.
loves to make eye contact - good flirting skills with the grammas of the world.
drools a lot, and I mean a LOT.
found his feet! likes to hang onto them while getting a diaper change or while sitting in bouncy seat.
has tried rice cereal a few times and has slightly better odds at actually swallowing some of it (maybe 3/16?).
loves to roll from back to front. rarely stays on his back for long and this is usually ok as long as there is something/someone to play with or look at.

Lucas in the saucer. Wish it wasn't fuzzy.

They are starting to enjoy the exersaucer and sitting up in the highchair.  They don't interact with eachother too much, occasionally they will smile at eachother. At this point they are still in the same crib but I think we will be seperating them pretty soon. For the most part they sleep through eachother's cries (yes- the do cry) but with the scooting around that's happening in the cribs- it's probably safest/wisest to split them up soon.  I'll get around to it.

They are at such a fun stage and on a decent schedule. The last few nights have been a little rough but we are fighting colds and most likely teething.  They are SO smiley. Seriously.. the smiley-est little guys ever. I love it!  Sometimes I still have a hard time believing I'm a twin-mommy.  Wouldn't trade it for the world though.. love ALL my guys!!

Like I said- always smiling. Even when I'm trying to force stuff in their mouths.

I'm in a twin group (originally formed on Baby but has shifted to Facebook.)  One of the things we do is try and get pictures that might not happen on a daily basis- like one with MOM!  Here is one that Robb took on my birthday. Happy to have one ... and that they are all looking. Can't ask for much more.. in this picture or in life!


  1. That's a good-lookin' family right there.

  2. love the updates! Sam is also a thumb-sucker but has moved to fist-eating. He's 15lbs and 26.5" long (rolly polly fella) He's not rolling anywhere yet...or sitting...or doing anything that makes him have to use muscles LOL. He is pretty content to just lay on his back and if put on his tummy for tummy time he tends to fall asleep. After the colic this is a great change! He's still getting up to eat at least once a night though. Occasionally he sleeps through til around 5! Love the pic of you and the boys, turned out great!